I announce when I'm open for commissions on my Twitter and Instagram. Advance updates about openings are posted are posted on my Telegram Channel.

Basic Info 📌

I usually use google forms to receive orders, when filling out the form you will provide all the necessary information such as a clear description of what you want, reference images, type of commission, email for invoice and contact, etc. More details can be discussed by DM.
It's not first come first served. I review them all individually and pick the ones I most want to do. If you are chosen, I will contact you! The order form is available to fill out for 24 hours during the commission opening.• PAYMENT
- All commissions are paid in advance!
- I can only accept payment via PayPal.
- Prices are in USD.
As soon as I get paid, I will start your sketch as soon as possible. During the commissioning process, I’ll send work-in-progress (WIP) images so you can provide feedback.
The client has the right to request major revisions during the sketch phase. Heavy changes after the sketch require additional payment.
Depending on the complexity of the art I can take between 1 to 3 weeks to finish. Illustrations, big references sheets and packs of 15 stickers may take longer.Whenever you want you can check my progress with commissions on my Trello.If you have any deadlines, please let me know!Feel free to ask me questions at any time.
Thank you!

Some commission types will be closed depending on workflow.
Prices may change due to complexity.

Chibis | $45

Bust and Icon | $50

add. characters +$25

Half body | $75

add. characters +$40

Full body | $100

add character +$50
add simple background +15

Full Illustration | $150+

⚠️ Not available Price is individually decided per. commission, depending on amount of characters and scene complexity.

Stickers | $20 each

A pack of 15 stickers is $285!
Extra character +$7
Add. YCH +$5^
Please be sure to provide
reference images for each sticker!

Reference sheet

Basic ref sheet | $150
Includes 1 full body (with clothes), 2 mini full bodies,
1 headshot, text, color palette
Full ref sheet | $200
Includes front and back pose, 1 headshot, color palette, text
(+ whatever you want to add, as extra headshots, items etc.)
Character design +$25
Option with clothes +$45
Chibi Outfit +$20
Add headshot +$25
Props +$10

Terms of Service

Last update: January 25, 2024

By commissioning me, you are automatically agreeing with my TOS. Please make sure you read it! I draw:
• Furry
• Humans
• Simple armor
• Props (instruments, tools, etc.)
• Simple robots / prosthetics
I don't draw:
• Mecha / robots
• Complex Architecture
• Hard drugs, harmful content
• Other styles
I have the right to refuse your commission if I don't feel comfortable doing it.• IMPORTANT!
- You are allowed to use commissioned artwork for personal use, providing credit where possible.
- I retain all copyrights over my work, which include the right to post any commissioned pieces (including WIPs) on my social medias and carrd for sales/self promotion. If you’d prefer it not to be posted, please let me know.- Do not use as NFTs or for any Artificial Learning Technologies.- I can't refund, please don't buy commissions from me unless you're sure about it.- For payment plans, if there is a withdrawal or the person disappears, the part already paid will not be refunded!- Any attempts of chargeback will be considered bad faith by the buyer and will result in automatic loss of the art made. The seller will also have full rights to recycle the art made if chargeback is made.- Do not remove my watermark from the drawing.- Do not paint/ modify/ trace any of my artwork.- It is your responsibility to save your commission after it is completed. After a month, I delete files or store older artwork and don't come back to resend or edit it.• ADOPTS / DESIGNS
- Do not resell the character / design for more than you paid for it. (Except if they come with extra artwork that was done later).
- Don't say that you created it, even though you paid for the art, the credit for the design is mine.- Please only bid/offer if you are 100% sure you can pay right away. (unless we negotiate a payment plan)- Pre-Bidded adopt designs are not entitled to edits, UNLESS autobought. It's not a custom design, it's a normal character design adopt.